Snorkeling (UK: snorkelling ) at Punta Ala, Toscane, Italy

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Cala Violina

Description of the site

The site marks the south end of the 'Golfo Follonica'. The place is close to Castiglione della Pescaia, a very touristic place. Also the beaches at the North East part of the peninsula are pretty much crowded.
But Punta Ala itself is different. It is still a relatively quiet village. At the harbour you will find good shops, even one with snorkeling equipment. A small city map gives a good overview.
Punta Ala offers a northern, western and southern coast, thus offering a easy snorkeling place for almost any wind direction.

Punta Ala, view to the east, from the air

Snorkeling character

Up till now, only information is available for the snorkeling site just west of the port. Cala Tartana, and Cala Tartanella are promising sites for days with waves coming from the north.
Starting from the south end of the port, you can easyly snorkel allong the coast, provided the fact you go there when the wind is comming from the south or southwest. West and more to the north make dangerous conditions. There is no real bay, the surf of the sea is comming freely to the rocky coast.
The rocky coast is not very exciting. The rocks run down to the sandy bottom, therefore not offering much plant growth and animal activity.

Travel suggestions

First: don't try to get there through Roccamare! You will end up between crowds of people staying at the campings along the sandy beaches and there is no proper road to Punta Ala.
Driving the S322, take the road to Punt Ala at Pian d'Alma. You will drive along the North Eastern sandy beaches. Keep on going until you leave the crowd and enter the park-like village. The best option is to find yourself a parking place when you have reached the roundabout at the end of this road. Take a look at the city map to plan a walk down to the water.

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