Snorkeling at Porto Santo Stefano, Monte Argentario, Tuscany, Italy

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Porto Santo Stefano, harbour

Description of the site

The pensinula of Monte Argentario is a pretty but rather touristic area. Places like Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole are famous for their 'rich peoples houses'. The houses of these Cities are build on the shore ore close by. People live just beside the sea. The pensinula of Monte Argentario offers northern and southern coast, thus offering good snorkeling possibilities for many wind conditions.
Porto Santo Stefano marks the end of the sandy cost on the north
A small city map gives an overview.

Porto Santo Stefano, view to the west

Snorkeling character

Up till now, only information is available for the snorkeling site Porto Santo Stefano itself, good for wind coming from south-east till south-West. The southern coast close to Porto Ercole may offer good conditions for wind coming from west till north-east. The water at Porto Santo Stefano is clear, harbours many different fish species and offers a variety of rocks just below sea level.
There is not much comfort on the 'beach' (when you managed to get there! See travel suggestions): a strip of stones and rocks of just a few metres wide and plenty of people on it.

Travel suggestions

The S1 runs along the pensinula, and the cities are well indicated on the signs. But there is one little problem: how to get to the water and how to find a parking place. Once you've left the road along the beaches there are hardly any parking places and the police makes sure you won't park where it's not allowed. And once you have entered the city, you will find yourself tens of metres above the sea! So how to get there?
A useful hint: coming form the east, drive into the city. Just after the first small boats harbour, you will see a sign for parking. Of course this parking is full, but there is a road running though it, bringing you beside the water. You will also find a charming bar for youngsters. The small city map gives does not show the road, just try your luck.

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