Snorkeling at Cala Violina (Violina Bay), Tuscany, Italy

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Cala Violina

Description of the site

The site is some six kilometres south of Follonica and has another bay north of it: Cala Martina. It is situated at the coastal edge of the natural park called 'Bandite di Scralino'. It is a popular place for local people.

Cala Violina, view to the north, from the beach

Snorkeling character

The conditions at this site can differ from day to day. Caused by small size of the pebbles on the beach and the free opening to the sea, causing relatively high surf, you might regard it as 'not so good. The surf is sometimes so high it is even dangerous to snorkel!
But when you arrive early in the morning, you may find good conditions, thanks to the fact that surf is low and the water had 'time to rest' and thus get clear.
This site harbours a high number of sea anemones.

Cala Violina, view to the north, from the cliff The south end of the bay has a part you can only enter from the sea. You can get there by starting from the south end of the beach and having a good swim there. This part is extra difficult with high surf, since there are large and sudden depth differences caused by big rocks.
The northern part of Cala Violina is rather safe and relatively clear, caused by its average depth of some 3 metres and rocky soil. These conditions are valid until some 50 metres form the beach (!). Of course the fish are often further away from you than in the southern part of the bay.

Cala Violina

Travel suggestions

Cala Violina (and Cala Martina) can easily be reached from the main road, running south from Follonica (the S322). There is a small sign indicating 'Cala Violina'. You will enter a path bringing you to a big parking on a meadow.
From the parking it takes a walk of some 20 minutes (!) to get to the beach. At the end of the path, bringing you to the cliff, you will find a kind of 'mobile snackbar' selling drinks and small food. Some one hundred metres south of the snackbar a 'mobile red cross post' is situated. Steep paths will bring you down to the beach.
By the way. Travelling through Portiglione (see map) does not seem an option.

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