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Tizzano Plage

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Visiting Tizzano is easily combined with a visit to the ancient menhir sites nearby. These locations are also indicated on the map below (symbol: three small dots)

Tizzanoo is an isolated, even rather desolated village in a wild/rough landscape. The owner of the local restaurant (Bar Jeane Baptiste) told us that the bay is well visited during 'normal' summers seasons. The year we visited Corsica (2004) was a disastrous year (we were the only guests before lunch time)

Tizzano has two bays, the description is about the first one you pass, say behind the restaurant. There are several ways to reach the beach form the main road: the foot-path you'll pass before you reach the restaurant, but also through the restaurant (coffee !).

Google maps offers a resonable overview on the bay.
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Aidablennius sphynx

Snorkeling character:

The bay is certainly worth visiting. The water is clear and the protection against the wind is reasonable. But with wind from the west, the surf can be pretty high.
At stepping into the sea, you will already rocky surfaces below the water. These rocks are not intensively grown with plants, thus offering limited cover and food for animal life. The location of the rocks will allow you to lean on the rocks with your hands (be carefull, rocks can be very sharp!), having your nose almost at the surface of the rocks. This way you will be able to find very small animals such as shrimps and the Spinx blenny, a little over 5cm long, with a large fin on its back. It hides backwards in little holes in the rock, coming out every now end then.

Photo: Frédéric Pierlot A little further from the beach you will find a large field of sea grass, harbouring lots of fish belonging to many different species.

Travel suggestions

Tizzano is rather isolated and there is only one way to reach it. Driving on the N196 between Propriano and Bonifacio, take the exit South of Sartene, running West. Follow the D48 towards Cauria and follow the signs Tizzano ( Tizan' ).

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Lower picture of the beach: Frédéric Pierlot