Snorkeling at Portigliolo, in the Golfe de Valinco, Corsica

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Description of the site

South of Propriano runs the D121 west along the Golfe de Valinco. It brings you to the popular site of Campomoro / Belvedere. The location may be popular, the trip there is difficult and time consuming. You will find two campings, both located close to the beach. The beach has good facilities, but it's sandy and not very good for snorkeling

But halfway the D121 you will find Portigliolo, in fact not really a village, but it harbours two campings and a restaurant.

Google Maps gives a great view of this site, on which you can even see the rocks in the water that make this site so special!
For Google Earth users (as yet as our provider Tele2 will support the *.kmz files, the server now sees it as a 'zip-file'): here you can find the spot. Untill then, we also supply the co-ordinates that can be used in Google Earth by cut-and-paste: 41 38 49.05 N 8 52 18.70 E (this is the most precize way to view the spot anyway!)

Snorkeling character:

Large rocks are located just a few metres from the beach. Some of these rocks reach above the surface of the water. They make the snorkeling journey between the rocks an exciting discovery.

Here we saw many special fish, like groups of young Barracudas and Small Triple Fins. The latter can often be found 'hanging' from a vertical surface. The combination with the clear water makes this location good enough to get four stars.
The site offers good protection on days with wind from the South.

Travel suggestions

The D121 brings you directly to Portigliolo. Some kilometres after passing a small airport you will find a restaurant at the beach side of the road and probably some flags of the sailing school. You can park your car along the road. The sandy path just beside the restaurant will bring you to the beach.

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