Snorkeling at Canella

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canella We received this description by Wilbert Geers in August 2005 (check also:, in Dutch).
You can also find this place spelled as 'Cannella' on several maps and in other documentation. The description and the pictures justify four stars. The spot seems to be a real must in West wind conditions.
Since we were not there ourselves, the placemarks below are not 100% acurate. Erik

Google Maps offers a resonable view on the coast close to Canella

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Description of the site

You will find Cannella Beach, as we named it, some six kilometres south of Solenzara at a curve in the road.
Here you will also find a small camping 'Grand Blue', a small bar called La Dolce Vita and a very small river, running into the sea.
The water is shallow, allowing you to play beach ball and so on.
The rocks with their pronounced inlets at the far left (northern) end of the beach offer great snorkeling conditions.

Snorkeling character:

The water is very clear, having a light blue colour. You may run into some sand and dead plant material on the rocks after a day with strong east wind.
On and in the sand in the bay you may find light coloured and well camouflaged fish.
Closer to the rocks we saw large groups of small blue fish (most likely young Mediterranean damselfish, Erik), the small orange-red fish that tends to 'hang' from the rocks (Small triplefin) and garfish like fish. We saw a great variety of other fish with all kind of colours, making you feel like swimming in an aquarium.

We also saw octopuses, sea anemones, sea stars, jelly fish and small crabs.

Travel suggestions

You cann't miss it. The bay is located at some six kilometres south of Solenzara, just beside the main road between Bastia and Bonifacio, N198. You will find signposts saying Dolce Vita and Camping Grand Blue. There is a small (often full) parking at the curve in the road.

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