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West of Ajaccio, the main road runs all along the coast. It brings you to Punta la Parata, which offers a great view on the Islands of Sanguinaires.
Between the road and the sea a lot of small houses and restaurants are positioned. The water is clear and offers stones and rocks, in spite of the shallowness of the coast water.
Google maps offers a good overview of the coastline between Ajaccio and Punta la Parata.
For Google Earth users: our provider Tele2 is not willing to change the MIME-settings of the server, so the server does not support placemark files. Therefor we supply two alternatives:
- save placemark file as *.kmz file (so not as zip) and duouble click it from your explorer, or
- cut and paste the coordinates into the 'fly to' box: 41 54 28.55 N 8 39 27.86 E (this is the most precize way to view the spot anyway!)

Uitzicht op <i>Iles Sanguinaire</i>

Snorkeling character:

We did not snorkel here due to lack of time. The conditions seemed okay, although it may be difficult to reach the water. The actual coastline is largely private property or difficult to reach form the road
Seen from Punta la Parata, the water offers both rocks and fields with seegrass. So when you visit Ajaccio, and you've got a few hours, it might be worth the trouble. I would like to hear your experience.

Travel suggestions

Driving in the city of Ajaccio, the coast road is difficult to find. The directions are not well indicated. Just use your own sense of directions, and you will manage. Once on the coast road (D111), there is only one way to go.

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