Snorkeling at Caou / Plage d'Acciaju, 'A Folacca', Southern end of Plage de Palombaggia

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At Corisca, every single village and beach has a French and a Corsican name. But this beach realy beats them all:
  • Plage d'Acciaju according to the roadmap
  • The nameplate beside the small coast road says: L' Acciaro Plage
  • The name of the most Southern part of the beach: Cala Acciaju on the map you see beside this text
  • Plage Acciaghjiu, 'A Folacca' according to the owner of a small restaurant on the beach

  • This last name will be derived from the little islands you can see from the beach, although their official name is spelled in a different way: 'Iles de la Folaca'.
    Plage Palombaggia is a famous place because of its good sandy beaches. Not the best place for snorkeling. At many places along the beach, rocks are located close to the beach. Swimming there may be worth the trouble, we did not try it.
    We decided to look for a place where a beach ends and the rocky costs start. The coast road runs some 30 metres above the sea level. This helps when you try to spot a good place. Unfortunately we did not have the map you see beside this text.

    Of course a beach as popular as this, also offers small restaurants. Caused by the fact that the beach is not located in a bay, the beach is not very well protected to waves. This causes large amounts of dead sea grass along the water line.
    Google maps offers a resonalble view on the beach and the more northern beaches of Palombaggia.

    For Google Earth users: our provider Tele2 is not willing to change the MIME-settings of the server, so the server does not support placemark files. Therefor we supply two alternatives:
    - save placemark file as *.kmz file (so not as zip) and duouble click it from your explorer, or
    - cut and paste the coordinates into the 'fly to' box: 41 32 48.21 N 9 18 28.18 E (this is the most precize way to view the spot anyway!)

    Snorkeling character:

    Not really bad. In East wind conditions this is no-go place for snorkeling. When the wind is North you may want to try the beach at Southern side of the 'Capu'. You can see this beach at the picture beside this text. The view is North, across the 'Capu' to Plage Acciaju.
    The water is pretty clear. The special things we saw hers: Garfish at the surface and a large (more than 50 cm) Octopus on the bottom.

    Travel suggestions

    The coast road is indicated on sign posts on the N198 (Porto Vecchio - Bonifacio). The coast road is narrow and crowded with cars. These are mainly parked beside the road. You may find yourself in a situation with a large camper in front of you, which will force you to return for several hundreds of metres.
    Plage d'Acciaju is not very easy to find. Coming form the north you will spot the 'name plate' beside the road, but you will probably miss it when you come from the South.
    The entrance is also entrance for a camping for campers. You will find enough parking place here
    When you enter the beach, walk South to get to the end of the beach.

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