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Kouloura Agni Paleokastritsa Issos Beach Afionas Welcome at the Corfu pages about
Click on locations on map for description of spots, or see below for the list of the spots and some of the fish we have seen and links to other sites about corfu.

We have visited Corfu during the summer of 2001, aiming at snorkeling there. At that time we were not able to find useful information on this subject. Therefore we started this site.
Your comment is welcomed and will be used to improve this site, crediting the contributing persons and organisations.

We used the Sunflower book about Corfu in order to make plans for visits to beaches.

We visited one sandy beach (Issos Beach) and several rocky/pebbles.

Overall, the temperature of the water was reasonably good for snorkeling without wetsuit. Around Paleokastritsa we found the coldest water. When you too have snorkeling experience at Corfu, please inform me, so I can add your info, of course while including your name and contact details (if you like). You can also contact me when you want me to make a link to your site about Corfu or about snorkeling.

Visited spots

Some of the fish we have seen

red cardinal, rode kardinaalbaars, 
Apogon imberbis

Mediterranean cardinalfish (Apogon imberbis)
Spotted at Port Timone, Cape Arilla at Afionas (West coast)

cow bream, Goodstreep brasem, 
Diplodus annularis
Cow bream (Diplodus annularis)
Spotted at Paleokastritsa (West coast, several spots)

Annular sea bream, 
Goudgestreepte zeebrasem, Sarpa salpa
Annular sea bream (Sarpa salpa)
Spotted at Paleokastritsa (West coast, several spots)

rainbow wrasse, girelle, Coris julis
Rainbow wrasse (Coris julis ) Spotted at many places, not at Issos Beach.

Almaco jack, oogstreep barnsteenmakreel, 
Seriola rivoliana
Almaco jack (Seriola rivoliana)
I called it the Harry Potter fish. Saw only one, but it was quite an encounter: in deep water, far from the beach, some 50 cm. So, a small one for its species, but large enough to make it one of the largest fish I have spotted in 2001

Mediterranean damselfish, zwalustraatvis, Chromis chromis
Mediterranean damselfish (Chromis chromis)
We called this fish 'the two metre fish, since we saw them (many of them) only in water deeper than 2 metres. In general you will see them darker than this picture. In fact you need to go very close to see colour on them.

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