Snorkeling at Paleokastritsa, Corfu, Greece

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Marine map of the main and east beach

Description of the site

Paleokastritsa is probably one of the best snorkeling (UK: snorkelling ) areas on Corfu. It has many beaches, rock formations and good facilities. The city, or rather village, largely depends on tourists. Along the main road you will find restaurants, hotels, bike rentals and a camping site.
There is even a proper harbour which makes things even more lively.
View to the south, showing the main beach and the one to the west. 
The most western beach is hidden

Snorkeling character

In short: for us it was "wow"!
In the east bay we saw large groups of fish. The most overwhelming experience was a group of hundreds of fish, all of them being some 25 cm. large. At the east beach the water gets deep pretty quickly, which makes the water already 'blue-tinted' when you put your head into the water from the shore.
The west beach has a large 'step-stone' some 50 cm below the surface and some 20 metres form the beach. This proved to be an ideal resting point for the kids: no need to return to the beach, so you can rest more often without spending to much time on it.

Travel suggestions

Things are easy to find in Paleokastritsa.
For the East beach (see marine map) you can use the stairs beside (on the right side) the first big hotel on your left, coming from the east. You may be lucky enough to even be able to park at the hotel.
For the other beaches the easiest trip is parking at the official large parking, just before the main road enters the hill with the monastery. This parking is next to several popular beaches. One of them could be called the West beach. Just north of this beach, separated by a cliff of only some 20 metres wide and high' is much more quiet since you can not enter from the parking. For getting to this north-west beach, walk back the street, take the first turn left, just before the row of restaurants. Walk till the end of the path (some 300 m) to enter the not so crowdy north beach.

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