Snorkeling at Kouloura, Corfu, Greece

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Kouloura, view at the harbour

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This bay must be one of the prettiest places on Corfu. You will find pictures of the round-shaped harbour in many brochures and on websites.
The bay can be pretty crowdy during summertime, with p eople on the beach and boats in the harbour and bay. The boats may even cause the water to be dirty during those days.

At the harbour, you will find the tavern "the White House" and a pension which is popular with British Tour Operators.
You can rent beach chairs at the beach, but there are no other facilities than the tavern.

Kouloura, view at the beach

Snorkeling character

At this pebble beach, the water gets deep very gradually. There are plenty black sea urchins, so be sure to wear water shoes.
Like at more places at Corfu, you may experience warm and cold water streams. On the internet, it is mentioned that there are caves in this bay, some of them accessible for snorkeling. But we have not yet been able to confirm this. One does see divers at this beach, which indeed suggests special under water spots.
Apart from the sea urchins, you will see red coral, sponges and fish like Cow bream.

Travel suggestions

Kouloura is situated at the end of a small road, coming from the main road running along the East coast of Corfu. The small road is close to the place where the road (coming from the south) curves from an East-West orientation into South/North. Follow the directions to Kouloura, you can't miss it.

There are hardly any parking possibilities at Kouloura. The road is narrow and steep and there are no real parking places. You might consider coming by scooter.

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