Snorkeling at Issos Beach, Corfu, Greece

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Issos beach, north view

Description of the site

Issos beach is a popular place in the south of Corfu, especially for people who like sandy beaches.
At the time we visited it, there were hundreds of people. That was no problem, since the beach is miles long. You can rent windsurf boards (two beach-shops) and buy snacks and drinks.

The funny thing is that the road towards the spot does not betray how popular the site is: it's sandy, with only one restaurant along it.

texture of rocks The site is typical for its 'sandy sculpture-rocks'. From the sand rise hills that look like rock formations, but which are actualy made from sand. The sand particles are 'glued together' in such a solid way that you can wash 'rocks' in the water without 'solving' into sand particles.
Quite funny!

Snorkeling character

Since the soil is sandy, the snorkeling (UK: snorkelling ) is rather boring. But we did see some special things.
We saw a 'flat fish' in a small group of some 10 indiviudals and 4 species.
Looking into the breaking waves from the sea side we saw some small (5 cm) fish, species not identified, probably feeding on the stuff being washed up.
Funny thing that they were not washed ashore. They just kept on swimming in the place with the strongest turbulence!

Travel suggestions

Issos beach is easy to get to from Linea. It is properly indicated in the village. The parking area is close to the beach and pretty good indeed.
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