Snorkeling at Agni, Corfu, Greece

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Corfu Agni Southbay, 
view to the North Two nice small bays with pebble beaches and calm waters. The southern beach has several tavernas with fresh fish and moderate prices. Suitable to go ashore since there is a small landing pier and the owner of one of the restaurants is even willing to pick you up when the ship is to deep for landing at the pier. Check out Taverna Agni The Northern bay seems to be a popular place for tourists brought there by boat from Corfu. We saw several boats, each bringing over twenty people. They seem to leave early, and after that the beach is pretty quiet.
Corfu Agni Southbay, 
view to the South

Snorkeling character

The rocks between the two beaches have pretty shapes and harbour many diferent fish. You may find yourself snorkeling (UK: snorkelling ) for an hour at a spot of less than 100 m.
Because of boating activity, the water in the centre of the bay with tavernas may be somewhat cloudy.
This is the only site we saw a group of small neon blue fish (juvenile Chromis?).

Travel suggestions

The exit from the main road is easy to miss, as there is only one small sign along the road. See the picture (From: "Jack & the Family"). You will find a small parking at the end of the road.

You can use the interactive map (e.g. moving, zooming, showing roadmap) to further explore the location, or use the map in Google Maps

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