Snorkeling at Afionas (Port Timone, Cape Arilla), Corfu, Greece

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Naar de Nederlandse site

View from 
the path coming from Afionas, viewing south, sea is on the right

Description of the site

The site has two bays: one facing the sea, the other facing the bay of Ag. Georgios. The site is quiet, since it can only be reached by boat or walking from Afionas. The site is popular with 'harpoon snorkelers': snorkelers whose main focus is not to see things, but to catch them.
Of course you will not find any facilities like restaurants, toilets or so.
And getting there may be tricky!

Afionas, twin bay, view from West

Snorkeling character

In short: snorkeling (UK: snorkelling ) conditions are 'wow' - In spite of the fact that the bay facing the bay of Ag. Georgios has very dirty soil, even with garbage, and is almost dead.
The bay facing the sea is quite the opposite. This site has the clearest water and the most exciting seabed we have found at Corfu. That is even noticeable from the aerial picture of the bay. Even where the water is deeper than 2 metres (soil seeming blue) the seabed is still full of rocks, allowing plants and shells to grow and fish to have a good meal. This is the only site where we saw red kardinals: below a big rock some 20 metres from the shore (water 150 cm deep, rock 75 cm high, with an 'overhanging edge').

Travel suggestions

When you're staying at Ag. Georgios or coming from the South (you will have to drive through Ag. Georgios and drive very close to the beach), the lazy way to get there is by taxi boat from Ag. Georgios. But that may mean some nasty hours waiting for the taxi if it arrives later than agreed. There may also be possibilities for renting a boat, we did not check.
If you don't mind a 45 minute walk, the path from Afionas is a nice option. The views are great, especially when boats have anchored along the cape's bay-side.
You can use the path as indicated in the Sunflower book on Corfu. But take care: it is easy to miss the turn left, just before Dionysos Taverna! When you miss it, you will end up at the top of the cape, from where it is impossible to get to the bays.

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